Toymaker & writer



Wrote 6½ books about toy-making including The Complete Rocking Horse Maker; articles in woodworking, marine and aviation magazines, stories.


Loves making things (anything from marmalade to a house) but especially toys (for both children and adults); flies; lives in sunny Yorkshire with his new/old wife.


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About Anthony Dew


Left school at 15, walked away to sea; survived storms, groundings, arrest by Red Guards; jumped ship in Panama; back in England bought leaky old s ailing boat intending to sail round the world; got as far as Southampton.


Turned down for dishwasher’s job in a greasy Dover cafe, went to college to study Maths, switched to Art, took to woodcarving.


Worked as a joiner, metalwork teacher, seaman (again), postman, woodwork teacher. Finally, rocking-horse designer and maker (which stuck).